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Sejarah Fakultas Kedokteran UNISSULA

Sejarah Fakultas Kedokteran UNISSULA

Faculty of Medicine, Sultan Agung Islamic University was established on 10th October 1963. Approximately 17 months after the establishment of Sultan Agung Islamic University on May 20, 1962 and then got registered decree No 74 / B.S.T / P / 64 dated February 28, 1964 signed by Moh. Sa'id official Head of Private Higher Education and Science Ministry PerguruanTinggi.

Establishment of the Faculty of Medicine UNISSULA is driven by the needs and interests of the community greatly to the existence of the Faculty of Medicine. In that year the only Faculty of Medicine in Central Java is the Faculty of Medicine UNDIP are only able to accommodate 100 students out of 3,000 applicants prospective students, while the existing policy was difficult for prospective students from Central Java to be accepted in West Java and East Java.

These conditions make the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine UNISSULA instantly get support from the community, especially people of Central Java and obtain full approval from the authorities - officials at the time, both in Semarang and Jakarta. Establishment of the Faculty of Medicine UNISSULA is also due to the efforts of the founders to participate together with the government scored a doctor in order to improve the health of all people in Indonesia.

The physical building Faculty of Medicine is located on Highway Kaligawe Km.4 Semarang. Since its inception the Faculty of Medicine UNISSULA already have teaching hospitals that are in the shade YBWSA (Foundation for Waqf Board Sultan Agung) ie Islam Sultan Agung Hospital and adjacent to the Faculty of Medicine. This also gives the advantage in the smooth process of learning both in college (undergraduate level) as well as in the clinic (clinical work / koass).

Judging from the Faculty of Medicine UNISSULA own age is quite mature as are 50 years.During 50-year journey Faculty of Medicine has experienced the bitter education, especially the implementation of the state exam. Alhamdulillah with the enforcement of


Kaprogdi PPSK
Nama :  dr. Yani Istadi, M.Med. Ed. NIK
Kaprogdi PPPD
 Nama:  dr. Nika Bellarinatasari NIK: 
Kaprogdi Biomedik S2
 Nama:  Chodidjah NIK: 210186023 
Kaprogdi Farmasi
Nama:  Arifin santosa NIK: 211214011Email: 



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